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Before I Jump into Recipe Writing , As today Marks the Blog's First Year, I know right!! Its been a year already. I want to thank you Y'all My AishaZkitchen Family for the Endless Support . I Promise to be  moreconsistent  right here . More Years of Yummy Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours. Don’t forget to leave a comment.. X!


Ingredients for Jollof Pasta 

1. 500g of Per-boiled Pasta ( I used Spaghetti) 
2. 4 large tomatoes 
3. large paprikas 
4. An onion 
5. Spring onions 
6. Dried herbs ( parsley , Basil) 
7. Powered garlic, ginger and dried pepper 
8. Curry , onga and a pinch of salt to taste 
9. Cooking oil. 
10. Cooked & Fried Chicken thighs 
11. Fried sausages (optional ) 
12. 1 more paprika for granish


Method  of Cooking Jollof Pasta 

1. Place large pot on medium high heat , add two cooking spoons of oil. When the oil gets hot , add blended paprika (3), tomatoes and onion . Fry for 10mins and keep stirring in between time. 
2. Add chicken stock and seasoning. Cover the pot and let it come to a boil for 7- 10 mins 
3. Add fried sausages and chicken thighs into the pot 
4. Then it comes to a boil, reduce the heat to medium - low heat and add per-boil pasta  . cover  let it pasta cook through .
5. Add chopped paprika , spring onions and dried herbs . 
6. Cover and let it simmer for 5mins. 




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